Devices that encourage the use of self-produced renewable energy

In-Home Displays and devices to engage your customers. They connect to the smart meter and the Sunreport cloud to give real-time suggestions and information.

Sunreport improves the efficiency of PV Systems, savings, and the use of renewable energies.

In-Home Displays evolved

Our IHDs connect to the smart meter and the Sunreport servers. As a result, data of consumptions and energy produced by the PV System are immediately available on the platform. They enable the monitoring, report generation, visualization of the functioning of the photovoltaic system, alarms, and suggestions.
Data on In-Home Display is the best way to improve the auto consumption of the energy produced.

Energy-Aware devices

People that decided to buy and install in their home a PV system aim to live sustainably preserve the ambient and, in the meantime, have a good quality of life.
Our devices, such as the Power Aware Cord that illuminate green or red depending on if renewable energy is used, help people to reach their goal.

Smart Meters Readers

Our Smart Meters Readers connect to the meter via the power line to send data to the cloud and have them on the platform.

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