Rapid and flexible
deployment at
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Sunreport is the only solution with all the flexibility you need for operations and maintenances.

Take the convenience of the cloud using our SaaS for monitoring and assisting PV Systems.

Sunreport is connected to Inverters' APIs and webisites, smart meters, energy distributors' services

Agents run to retrive continuosly data and solar radiations

Data are processed to calculate performances, evidence failures, give suggestions

Mission control
Now everything is under your control

Deploy in minutes

Insert credentials of any devices connected that you have, including Inverters, smart meters, data from energy distributors such as the Green Button, and GSE. Sunreport connects to them via APIs, websites, FTP. If data are on the Internet, the data are on your platform. Solar radiation is there, and everything is ready to start the assessments.

All what you need

List of all your systems, contacts, energy produced, efficiency, evaluations, sugegstions, incomings, self generated report for your customers, energy saved, self-consumptions.

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