Sunreport is your provider of services to evaluate, design, monitor, and assist systems that produce energy and reduce consumptions

We supply:

  • Computer software rental services
  • Scientific and technological services
  • Technical consultancy in the field of renewable energy production
  • Technical and scientific research consultancy in the field of energy and renewable energy and energy savings
  • Design of products and services for third parties for the production of electricity from renewable sources
  • Testing, authentication, and quality control of energy generators and renewable energy generators
  • A software platform with the best evaluations and really device-agnostic
  • Drone-based analysis to discover solar panels failures
  • Reports about incentive incomes and energy sales
  • Economic assessments (ROI)
  • Customized software for energy distributors and utilities to improve the balance of the grid and reduce consumptions
  • Analyses of convenience to deploy PV Systems and use devices such as heat pumps

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